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You are always welcome here, whoever you are and whatever you do or don't believe.

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Informal praise service, bible study and modern worship songs

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Annual or one off services

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Various community activities, 12 step groups etc

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Sung Holy Communion

Holy Communion and sermon, with tradition hymns

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July 2020


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Your Prayers

Name: Prayer Ministry Team
Location: London
Prayer for: O & L

May the Lord comfort and strengthen O, restore him to full health, watch over him and protect him. We pray for L and family too at this time

Name: Anonymous
Location: Somerset
Prayer for: O&L

Father, following O's return to hospital, please guide those in charge of his care and fully heal him. We ask that you lift his spirits and pour blessings on him and L and the family.

Name: Anonymous
Location: London
Prayer for: The 12 step groups that meet at St Katharine's

Lord, please watch over the individuals that make up these groups. As they are not able to meet in person, we ask that You be the human touch they are missing. Sustain them until they are able to meet in person again.

Life Events


Anyone can get in touch with a church to find about having their child christened. During a christening your child will be baptized with water. It’s the start of an amazing journey of faith for your child and a special day for all your friends and family.
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Marrying in church is personal, meaningful and spiritual just as you want it to be. Churches are special and unique places to get married in - the prayers, promises and the whole service of celebration become part of your marriage, on the day itself and beyond.
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Adult baptism

Whenever it happens, whether as a baby, child or adult, baptism is at the heart of an amazing journey of faith as a follower of Jesus Christ. You are never too old to take this step, and being baptized as an adult is a wonderful experience.
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Congratulations on wanting to explore confirmation with the Church of England. Confirmation can be an important part of a lifetime journey of faith as a follower of Jesus Christ.
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Funeral & Memorials

A church will always be there to help you through one of life’s most difficult times. A Church of England-led funeral is available to everyone, giving support before, during and after the service, for as long as it’s needed.
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