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A Story Of Hope - Moments Of Dignity

A Story Of Hope - Moments Of Dignity

Our collection of stories today are from the Hygiene Bank given this is a time all of us as a community need to come together to ensure we look after all people, to ensure being clean is not a privilege or a luxury. We are part of a network of hygiene banks that exist to support people in crisis and those struggling on low income, while at the same time working to inspire social change. Please continue to support and donate to your local hygiene bank so that we can ensure at this time, when hygiene is so important, it is available to all. 

Some testimonials:
• Claire, Operations Manager - Bromley Foodbank commented "We have clients who haven’t able to clean their teeth properly for weeks or wash everything from their dishes to their clothes, bodies and faces in the same cheap washing up liquid. It’s great to be able to help with these items - all of which are good quality and well-known brands".
• Operations Manager - Look Ahead Womens Refuge comments "There are many gifting schemes for children in poverty at Christmas, so being able to give our women a gift too - a handbag packed full of all the essentials they needed as well as beauty treats like make-up and body lotions from known brands, things they simply could never never afford, caused real excitement."
• Chris Johnson, Head Teacher - Phoenix Community Primary School, commented "Tooth decay is a serious and increasing problem in school and regular donation of toothbrushes and toothpaste has enabled us to introduce daily toothbrushing in the school day routine for reception and Yr 1. We know from experience that good health and hygiene makes a big difference to how effectively pupils can learn and concentrate in school as well as protecting their self-esteem."


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