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Power The Fight exists to empower communities to end youth violence.

Power The Fight exists to empower communities to end youth violence.

Join in to empower communities to end youth violence
Their Story
Power the Fight was founded by Ben Lindsay out of a deep belief in the value of human life and the importance of community. It is a response to a growing need for all parts of society to take responsibility for one another. Having spent more than 17 years working with and for local authorities, Ben has seen the impact of sustained austerity measures. Churches, faith groups and community groups, often with their own buildings and access to resources and volunteers, have a unique contribution to make. In 2016 following the murder of teenager Myron Yarde, Ben started gathering people from within and outside the local church to reflect, pray and create a space for dialogue for anyone in the community concerned about youth violence. Policy makers, police, youth workers, pastors, clergy and parents joined together to listen and learn from each other. This collective response inspired the beginnings of Power the Fight.

Their Aims
Power The Fight exists to empower communities to end youth violence. For this to become a reality, communities will need to work together and learn from one another.  Our key aims are to educate, equip, engage and enable communities to be the answer to the issue of youth violence the UK.
  • Educate – Informed by research and led by leading specialists we deliver training through workshops, bespoke programmes and conferences.
  • Equip – We provide an online media hub sharing resources, exploring the latest thinking and connecting people to best practice to reduce youth violence.
  • Engage – We work with families and young people affected by youth violence to offer support, advice and signposting to receive the best and most relevant care.
  • Enable – We support and fund innovation by people engaging with youth violence in their local context
How we can help
Power the Fight is a charity that relies on the generosity of its donors. If you are passionate about promoting peace and ending youth violence, please consider partnering with Power the Fight.
Together we can power the fight to end youth violence. Find out more by following this link 

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