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The Plague and the parish - An invitation to Churches

The Plague and the parish - An invitation to Churches

As commemted on their website: "Pope Francis said last year that we are not living through an era of change but a change of era. We are entering a new chapter in the history of the world, and of the church. Naturally, people are asking “how should the church respond?”

But if we are to act effectively and faithfully it is vital to understand what is taking place and how it is different from what went before. To address this, we have been working in partnership with our friends at the Journal of Missional Practice (JMP) and the Common Good Foundation.

We continue to have generative conversations following our webinar Preparing for a New Chapter: Revitalising the Christian Imagination for the Sake of the Common Good. We were overwhelmed by the response, and the comments we received have shaped our thinking. Our partnership has been filled with energy and generosity: this was an important place to begin and our conversation continues. 

So in the Spirit of Pentecost, we invite you to listen in, engage and join with us.

As a starting place we also offer you this letter, The Plague and the Parish: An Invitation to the Churches. It is a call for the church to renew its vocation as a sign and foretaste of the kingdom of God. Read, listen and consider this call. Share with us what you are hearing. What questions does this invitation raise? We want to hear from you."

We encourage all to engage with this. You may also want to watch and listen to Fr Nick's recent sermon at the HMT Lancastria service here 

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