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One community with the Livery Companies, our City Partners and Corporate friends

One community with the Livery Companies, our City Partners and Corporate friends

St Katharine Cree is the Ward Church of the Aldgate Ward Club (

There are a number of old festivals and traditions associated with the Ward. St Katharine Cree is the focus of the mediaeval ceremony of “Beating of the Bounds” which has been revived in recent years. One of the Club’s annual October events is the preaching of the “Lion Sermon” which commemorates the “escape” of Sir John Gayre, Lord Mayor and Fishmonger, from an encounter with a lion in 1646 whilst travelling. Today the Ward is home to one of the most important financial centres in the world and to London’s long-established maritime industry, including the historic Baltic Exchange and Lloyd’s Register.

The City is divided for electoral purposes into 25 Wards, each of which is represented in the City of London Corporation by an Alderman and between 2-10 Common Councilmen. The Adgate Ward Club traces its history back over three centuries. It started as the Aldgate Ward Ratepayers Association and was established to represent residents and businesses with Parliament and the Metropolitan Board of Works. 

Livery Companies

The City Livery Companies go back to the middle ages, and were founded to promote and protect the crafts which their members practised. St Katharine Cree has long-standing and active connections with many of the livery companies including:

  •  The Worshipful Company of Insurers ( the 28th June 1979 the Company of Insurers, a Guild Company, was formed and immediately submitted a petition to the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen of the City of London for the grant of livery status. This was granted on 18th September 1979 when the Guild Company became the Worshipful Company of Insurers. Letters patent were presented by the Lord Mayor on 19th September 1979. The Insurers’ Company thus achieved livery status within three months of its incorporation as a Guild Company, and it probably holds the record of all companies in achieving livery status in the shortest time. This fact recognises the esteem in which the insurance industry was held in the City. The Company holds its annual Christmas Carol Service at St Katharine Cree along with the Insurance Institute of London.


  • The Worshipful Company of Cordwainers ( The Company is one of the oldest livery companies in the City of London. The Company’s roots date back to 1272, and the first Charter in 1439 licensed Cordwainers to control the shoe trade within the City of London. Today, the Cordwainers have a strong charitable ethos and our primary focus is to nurture young talent in the fashion and shoemaking industries. On its Oath day, the Company holds its Fisher's, Minge's and Wild's Anniversary Service at St Katharine Cree.


  • The Worshipful Company of Fuellers ( The history of The Fuellers Company can be traced back to the Livery Company of Woodmongers and Coal Sellers, commonly known as The Fuellers. The earliest known references to that Company appear in 1376 and its Royal Charter was granted by King James 1 in 1605. It surrendered its Charter in 1667, but The Fuellers were granted City Status on 13th October 1981, Livery Status on 15th May 1984, received its Letters Patent on 17th October 1984 and in October 2014, they received confirmation of the Grant of Royal Charter from the Privy Council. Today’s members represent the coal, oil, nuclear, gas, electricity and the renewable energy industries.  The Rev'd Nick Mottershead is the Honorary Chaplain to the Company and co-leads their Christmas Carol Service at St. James Garlickhythe as well as prayerfully supporting them throughout the year.

City Institutions

St Katharine Cree has many long standing and active relationships with City organisations, holding special services to commemorate and celebrate together throughout the year and/or working with them to support the vulnerable and those in need in the City. These include:

  • Trinity House Trinity House is a charity dedicated to safeguarding shipping and seafarers, providing education, support and welfare to the seafaring community with a statutory duty as a General Lighthouse Authority to deliver a reliable, efficient and cost-effective aids to navigation service for the benefit and safety of all mariners. The Corporation of Trinity House was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1514 to regulate pilotage on the River Thames and provide for aged mariners. With a mandate that has expanded considerably since then, it is today the UK’s largest-endowed maritime charity, the General Lighthouse Authority (GLA) for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar and a fraternity of men and women selected from across the nation’s maritime sector. Per annum the Trinity House Maritime Charity donates around £4m to the charities it supports. Its main City Church relationship is with St Olave's Church, Hart Street, but it is a supporter of the work we undertake to help homeless people and rough sleepers, many of whom are ex-servicemen and women, in this area of the City.


  • The Baltic Exchange ( The history of the Baltic Exchange spans more than 250 years and traces its origins back to a humble coffee house - the traditional meeting place of merchants and sea captains - in the City of London. The Baltic Exchange is the world's only independent source of maritime market information for the trading and settlement of physical and derivative shipping contracts with an international community of over 600 member firms that encompasses the majority of world shipping interests and commits to a code of business conduct encapsulated in the motto "our word our bond". The Rev'd Nick Mottershead is the Honorary Chaplain to the Baltic Exchange and leads their Remembrance Service and their Christmas Carol Service at The Baltic Exchange as well as prayerfully supporting them throughout the year.

  • The Insurance Institute of London (ht The Insurance Institute of London was established on the 18th June 1907 to ensure:

    "The cultivation of knowledge and information in all matters relating to the various branches of insurance".

    The Institute achieves its objective by supporting the role of the CII in the cause of insurance education and professional development through its lecture and visits programmes, its journal and its research. With over 25,000 members, London is by far the largest institute amongst the CII's 57 local and associated institutes

    Each year members and their guests attend the IIL's Christmas Carols by Candlelight in association with the Worshipful Company of Insurers at St Katharine Cree. Singing is led by the Lloyd's Choir and followed by a seasonal reception. Members and guests pease contact Gemma Warren (020 7397 3912) with any queries regarding this event and please do let us know what we can do to make our events fully accessible to you. Here is a link to the news item from the 2019 event. 


  • Lloyd' Choir ( Besides its annual orchestral concert, the choir gives several concerts each year, usually at St. Katharine Cree. Christmas is always busy; as well as the choir’s own carol concert, carols are sung at the Rostrum in the Underwriting Room at Lloyd’s, and at other venues in the City. It has also been possible for the choir to escape from the City occasionally to give concerts in country churches at summer weekends. Members of the choir also sing at a variety of church services during the year, usually at St. Katharine Cree, and are available to sing at services and other functions. Although the choir now attracts singers from the entire City financial community and beyond, membership is still dominated by those working in the insurance market. In some quarters it is said that Lloyd’s Choir is a rare example of a situation where underwriters and brokers are always in harmony…or nearly always!

  • Friends of the City Churches ( The Friends of the City Churches is an architectural heritage charity dedicated to preserving the beautiful and unique churches found within the square mile of the City of London. 

City organisations

St Katharine Cree also, in line with its role with City industry, commerce and finance, continues to build its relationships with many City organisations, and again holding various special services to commemorate and celebrate together throughout the year (such as Carol Services) and/or working with them to support the vulnerable and those in need in the City. The City businesses include:

  • Thomas Miller
  • Markel



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