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Grow in faith and deepen your walk with God

Grow in faith and deepen your walk with God

You might find it useful to join one of our groups 

  • If you would like to explore Christianity or are new to faith we suggest joining Alpha where you will receive a warm welcome wherever you are in your spiritual journey.
  • In some groups you can dig into the Bible alongside other Christians and deepen your understanding of script.
  • Sometimes we need to deepen our relationship with God in order to accept his grace and hear his truth. This may be around a particular new phase of life such as marriage, a new baby, or a new job, or a challenge in life such as relationship breakdown or hurt from the past that you cant let go. Personal pastoral discussion or joining one of our groups exploring life may provide an opportunity for this

Get in touch with us if you want to discuss these further. Also, here is a link so you can join in with the current bible study group, click here

Also, if you want to do some personal investigation and study, there is some information and short films on this website that you might want to explore yourself too:

  • Introduction to Christian Faith - Here are some introductory videos setting out an overview of Christinaity and what Christians believe, Click here
  • The Pilgrim Way - This is a new guide to the core beliefs of the Christian faith. Set out in a question and answer format, it follows one of the Church’s very earliest ways of teaching and training disciples, Click here
  • Spirituality and Prayer -Spirituality is about our relationship with God on our journey through life and how we can deepen that relationship and you will find here a film and some prayer resources which you miht find useful, Click here

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