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I want to know more about the Christian faith

I want to know more about the Christian faith

Christians believe that in Jesus, God has walked this earth before us, and that with Jesus as our companion and guide we can travel through life differently.
We can live and travel as pilgrims. We set our sights on God’s kingdom of justice and peace; and our journey home to God becomes more meaningful and joyful, and the world a better place.

Happy are those whose hearts are set on the pilgrim way.

Psalm 84.5
The Pilgrim Way is a new guide to the core beliefs of the Christian faith. Set out in a question and answer format, it follows one of the Church’s very earliest ways of teaching and training disciples.
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The Pilgrim Way: The Apostles’ Creed

This section of The Pilgrim Way looks at what Christians believe.

The Pilgrim Way: The Lord’s Prayer

This section of The Pilgrim Way explores how we can know and love God.

The Pilgrim Way: The Commandments

This section of The Pilgrim Way explores how Christians should live.

The Pilgrim Way: The Beatitudes

This Pilgrim Way section sets out a Christian vision for the world.

The Pilgrim Way has been written by Stephen Cottrell, Steven Croft, Paula Gooder and Robert Atwell, the authors of Pilgrim: A Course for the Christian Journey and is available as a full-colour booklet from Church House Publishing.
For more details and how to purchase a copy of the booklet from Church House Publishing. click here
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