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I want to help develop my family's faith

I want to help develop my family's faith

Faith at home

Faith at Home is a national campaign that builds on the work of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith to support the faith development and pastoral care of children and young people

It seeks to provide:

  • Experiences that inspire parents and families to grow in faith together in the ‘new daily normal’ of the home
  • Resources that equip children and young people to explore faith together and feel supported pastorally as part of school and church communities
  • Networks that connect school leaders, church leaders, chaplains to share great practice and build community together focused on the faith development of children and young people

Why at Home

Home is both a place and feeling. It is where we eat, where we sleep, where we find ourselves at the start and end of our day. Home is where we can feel the strongest sense of belonging, where we can feel connected to ‘our people’, where we can feel part of ‘our tribe’. It can also be a place of doubt, questions, loneliness and fear. While talking about being the vine, Jesus invites us to be at home in him, as he is at home in us (John 15:1-4 MSG). We are invited to imagine that we are sharing our everyday lives with each other and with God, intertwined by love as a community of growing faith.

We want to start by thanking every adult caring for children and young people – parents, carers, aunties, uncles, grandparents, brothers, sisters – you are all involved and we thank you. Please watch this film which simply thanks you for all you are doing. It is titled – ‘Thank you – you’re enough’

For Parents, (by which we imply also, all those other family relationships above) Faith at Home is a call to discover God’s presence together in the place we spend most of our time. Home offers the space to make mistakes and ask honest questions. Home gives us a place to become who we are created to be.

Home gives us the chance to be fully known and fully loved by those who share our space because of God’s gift of love through us. It is a call to choose a lifelong exploration of a growing faith, nurtured in the normal everyday elements of life together.

Each week, they will be publishing a range of content to support families discuss faith, develop their practices and habits together following these themes.


Other key theme resources, including for example those focused on supporting children and young people in Grief and Bereavement, will be also shared through Faith at Home.

We are grateful to the range of parents and families contributing to these resources across so many Dioceses, along with a growing range of partner organisations.

All of us at St Katharine Cree want you to be able to access these resources and help you, to share and develop your faith and your family's faith at home. Please get in touch if we can help. If youy would like to explore the full resources on the Church of England Website, click here.

Here are the four inital short films released in May:

Episode 1. Hope

Episode 2. Love


Episode 3 Humility

Episode 4 Patience

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