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I want to join a Mar Thoma worshipping community

I want to join a Mar Thoma worshipping community

The Mar Thoma church meet at St Katharinee Cree on Sundays (not currently due to Covid 19 meansures)

Details can be found on their website - Details here

A short extract: "Mar Thoma church as a worshipping community have been in existence in the UK since the early 1950s. The congregation in the early days mainly consists of students who came here for higher studies and a few in search of employment. The Indian YMCA and student hostel in central London was the focal point. Regular worships started in 1957 and it is recognized as first Mar Thoma congregation in the western hemisphere. The 1970s have witnessed significant increase in Marthomites coming from Malaysia, Singapore, India and parts of Africa. With the increase in members came the need for bigger premises and the services were shifted to St Mary’s Parish Church, Kennington, London and 1989 to St Katharine Cree, in the city of London. With the growth in membership came the need for organizing the parishes at regional level for more effective ministry. Today, there are 8 parishes and 2 congregations.

St James MTC continued to be the central London based parish. Membership consists mainly of families who reside in and around London and the Home Counties. Given the parish’s location and outreach program, it attracts significant number of students and young people who come to this great and ancient city for work and study. The regular Sunday worship services as well as special services are held at the St Katharine Cree church, Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 3DH. St.James Mar Thoma Family consist of 190 families and we have very dynamic activities in Sunday School, Youth League, Choir, Sevika Sangham, Edavaka Mission"

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