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I want to explore the lockdown from a Christian perspective

I want to explore the lockdown from a Christian perspective

Summer Prayer and Spirituality Programme

Just 10 minutes a day

How can we not waste this time, to break old habits and allow new Kingdom values to breakthrough into every day life for all people.

Can you spare 10 minutes a day?

-Watch a daily 2/3 minute file from St Paul’s Institute,

-Reflect, and

- Pray, masybe post a prayer on our Prayer Wall.

With lockdown easing in some areas, some businesses reopening, a little of previous life is returning for some people although not all. As this easing is happening, we each have an opportunity to consider what aspects of this lockdown do we want to hold onto: our care for our neighbours; our recognition of key health workers; our understanding of the challenge teachers face, time with family or perhaps something else. 

For those with a faith or exploring a relationship with God, the recognition that God is present in our world and active in our lives, means that if we are to explore questions such as what aspects of this lockdown do we want to hold onto, we need to do this through prayer, reflection and importantantly a conversation with God. It is a pathway to a deeper relationship with God, that can help us make good decisions guided by keen discernment.

St Paul's institute has recently beeing publishing short films oin a seriers entitles "Hard Questions for Hard Times" on the basis that "this is a time which raises hard questions – about how we live, about our values, about God. We asked people what was most on their minds, and then we asked a wide range of writers, thinkers and theologians to reflect on these ‘hard questions’". 

We thought that these short films combined with reflection and prayer can help each of us over the summer in our journey with God aswell as encourage each of us in our pray life. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about the programme of if this raises in you any questions about youyr own spiritual life. 

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