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I need prayer for myself or a loved one

I need prayer for myself or a loved one

God cares about everyone and at St Katharine Cree we love and care about you too. Prayer in our services and being part of a group are often a good place to start but you can also send us your confidential prayer requests. Please also speak to or email a member of the ministry team. 

We believe it is important that we are available to pray with our for you At this time, many of us can be in need of prayer and spiritual support so please do email Fr Nick Mottershead by clicking on this link and sending any details for prayer, or if you want, request a video prayer. 

Request for your ministry team to light a candle

Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world; the one who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have light and life.” (John 8:12)

If you know a person or situation that needs prayer, we can light a candle for you.

When you light a candle for someone who needs it, whether that person is a family member, a relative, a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker, a leader or someone we met on the streets, it is a physical act of that constant prayer before God and an acknowledgment of the Light of Christ who reigns in all situations. We also affirm and witness to the purpose of our being here. No one really lives alone; God never desired anyone to live an isolated life. We were meant to be a community of God’s children.

Please do get in touch

In addition to lighting a candle, the ministry team here want you to know we are with you or your loved ones, wherevener your physical location. Below are some recent examples of prayer videos we have provided in response to non confidential prayer requests:

Request for prayer for healing from sickness - 31 March 2020

Request for prayer for healing from Coronavirus - 24 March 2020





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