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I know we are all Stewards of God's creation

I know we are all Stewards of God's creation

At St Katharines Cree we teach the biblical principle of stewardship. We believe that everything we have belongs to God and we are only stewards of what He has given us. All that happens at St Katharine Cree is made possible by those who pray, serve and give to the work here. We could not do it without you.

Many Christians give generously but still decide to separate their money from their faith as if the two do not go together. There are also those who give generously to charities who do not currently have a faith. Jesus teaches us that money and faith are completely entwined. It isn’t just about money though, and Jesus often talked about how our faith is impacted by how we use:

  • “our” time,
  • “our” possessions, and of course
  • “our” money.

Christian stewardship is ultimately about being the people God wants us to be, which shapes how we as individuals and as a community join in with God’s mission. At St Katharine Cree we believe we are called:

  • To be a worshipping and witnessing community that grows in its relationship with God, modelling Christ’s values individually and collectively,
  • To be missional community that shares this Good News with others, travelling with them as they grow in their faith, and
  • To be a serving community, including encouraging others to serve even if they are not yet in a relationship with Jesus, and so whilst serving together offering signposts to help them know the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our three key Stewardship and Missional themes:

1.Our Lifestyle:

This is about us growing our faith individually and as a community, prayerfully considering the use of God’s gifts that He has entrusted us with and encouraging each of us to live in a way that considers the impact of our decisions on all of creation.

Today at St Katharine Cree this involves:

  1. Promoting Christian values in our worship and offering various ways to develop our faith and grow in our relationship with others in the body of Christ.
  2. Encouraging each other individually to listen to God and challenge how we are good stewards of all we are, and
  3. As a community, also challenging our choices, so for example, we are a Fairtrade church and use “Clean For Good” as our cleaning contractor, an organisation which commits to better employment practices and fairer wages.


  1. Our involvement in our local community:

This is about taking God’s message to, and working with, those around us locally. It is about each of us graciously giving of ourselves to work with those in need locally.


Today at St Katharine Cree this involves:

  1. Pastorally and spiritually supporting businesses and institutions locally, including conducting services to celebrate together, to commemorate together and also mourn lost loved ones together.
  2. Creating opportunities for our community to participate in God’s mission and work together with us in the service of others, for example our work with the local hotels, local businesses and The Hygiene Bank.
  3. Committing some of our time and resources to work with and support local charities, for example Suited & Booted and Dress for Success, wisely using resources available here.


  1. Our involvement in our global community:

This is about creating a mutuality of mission with partners outside of our parish and encouraging their involvement with us. This may be about financially supporting them but is also about seeking new ways to support and learn from each other.

So how can you help St Katharine Cree financiall?

Like all Church of England parishes, we have to generate our own income in order to sustain our ongoing ministry, as well as maintain the Grade 1 listed buildings in our care. Over the years we have sought to maximise our resources while balancing the needs of a worshipping community. We rely on donations to support our ministry and enable us to continue providing our inclusive welcome, as well as our varied and diverse response to the needs of those who visit us.

Your financial support will allow us to continue looking after the spiritual needs of people working locally in businesses and hotels, to keep our building open, to make it available to support homeless and vulbnerable people, to welcome tourists and visitors, to provide a space for concerts and exhibitions, and to maintain our active presence in this area of the City for future generations. It currently costs around £200 per day to maintain our ministries, and your generosity is greatly appreciated.


You can make a donation by credit or debit card via the [   ] website. (If you are a UK tax payer, please ensure that you tick the Gift Aid box on the donation page.)  Thank you .


Also, how about leaving a legacy?

Many people donate regularly to support the mission and ministry of St Katharine Cree, and gifts in Wills also play an important part in Christian giving. Leaving a legacy to the church is a way to thank God for all the blessings you have received in your lifetime, and to continue to support the parish in the future.

Legacies make a real difference to the work of the church, enabling us to maintain our beautiful building and ensure that this sacred space is used to help people encounter God and grow in faith, and to preserve it both as a place of worship and a focus for the local community.

Once you have made provision for your loved ones, please consider how a gift in your Will could help this church to meet the needs of future generations. No matter how large or small, every gift that is left to the church can make a significant impact on our mission and ministry, and in maintaining our spiritual heritage.

To find other helpful advice and resources, and to request a free information pack, please visit:

Thank you.  

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