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13 Five Minute Mental Health Reflections narrated by Fr Nick

13 Five Minute Mental Health Reflections narrated by Fr Nick

Supporting your mental health and wellbeing
Please find below a film series of 13 short 5 minutes reflections on how to cope with anxiety and loneliness in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, including simple Christian meditation techniques, published by the Church of England. A number of actions that could help people feeling isolated or worried, as well as those who grieve, are put forward in a new guide Supporting Good Mental Health and written by Durham University academic Revd Professor Chris Cook with Ruth Rice Director of the Christian mental health charity Renew Wellbeing. 

If you would prefer to listen to the reflections and "have a go" habits, you can watch and listen to Fr Nick Mottershead narrate them in the short films below. At the foot of the item below are a number of additonal written resources you might also find useful.


Reflection 1 - Living in isolation

Reflection 2 - Loneliness

Reflection 3 - God in our struggles


Reflection 4 - How are you?

Reflection 5 - Time well Spent

Reflection 6 - Switching Focus

Reflection 7 - Hearing Voices

Reflection 8 - Eat, Rest, Sleep

Reflection 9 - Blessed are those who mourn

Reflection 10 - Worry

Reflection 11 - The Divided

Reflection 12 - Forgiveness

Reflection 13 - Love

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