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371st Lion Sermon - Join us Thursday 15th October 2020, 1.00pm

371st Lion Sermon - Join us Thursday 15th October 2020, 1.00pm

We would love you to come and join us for this historic annual service. You are welcome to just turn up but it is useful if you could drop us an email to confirm to help with numbers and catering. There are light refreshments after the service (assuming lockdown has ended).

This year's speaker will be Rev’d Prebendary Jonathan Osborne, Senior Chaplain, Metropolitan Police Service and we look forward to hering him share his story.

THE LION SERMON - A Brief summary

Sir John Gayer, born in Plymouth towards the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, became a merchant of some standing in the City of London, where he resided in the parish of St. Katharine Cree. He was admitted to the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers and in 1635 became a Sheriff and a year later an Alderman. In 1643, as a member of the Levant Company, he journeyed to Arabia on a trading mission. Here, on the 16th October, he became separated from his companions and, as dusk fell, became aware that a lion circled him but did not attack. In the morning his companions found him sleeping peacefully, with the lion’s footprints all around him—a modern Daniel. On his return to London, Sir John, in gratitude for his divine and providential deliverance, made generous gifts to various good causes and by his will (1649) established the annual commemorative sermon, the “Lion Sermon”, to be preached on the 16th October each year at St. Katharine Cree. The bequest provided for the expenses of the sermon, which was to contain a lion theme and also an amount to be distributed “amongst the poor of the parish on the same day”. In 1647 Sir John became Lord Mayor, but, being resistant to the pressures of the Parliamentarians – who by then were powerful in London – and a supporter of Charles 1, he was committed, together with four other Aldermen, to the Tower. During his time of imprisonment, he maintained his stand against the Cromwellian encroachments on the City of London’s liberties and eventually by popular acclaim he was released in 1648.

The Lion Sermon --- Record of Preachers. (can you fill in the gaps? Please get in touch)

1895.    The Bishop of Southwark.

1913.    The Rt Rev'd Bishop Moloney.                            Bishop of Chetiang.   (A descendant of Sir John Gayer).

1928.    The Rev'd Dr. W. Stuart MacGowar, M.A. Ll.D.     Vicar of Holy Trinity, Brompton.

1932.    The Very Rev'd William Morrow.                         Provost of Chelmsford Cathedral.

1933.    The Ven. Archdeacon Stott.Westminster Abbey.

1954.    The Rev'd F. James T. Hall.                                 Vicar of St Philip Kensington.

1956.    The Rev'd Stanley Linsley.                                  Guild Vicar of St Katharine Cree & Director of Industrial Christian Fellowship.

1962.    The Rt. Rev'd F. E. Lunt, M.A.                             Bishop of Stepney.

1963.    The Ven. Martin Sullivan.                                    Archdeacon of London.

1964.    The Rev'd A Charles Branch.                              Guild Vicar of St Katharine Cree.   

1965.    The Rev'd Jack W. M. Vyse.                              Guild Vicar of St Mary Abchurch.

1966.    The Rev'd Nicholas F. P. Brown.                         Guild Vicar of St Katharine Cree. 

1967.    The Rev'd David Wardrop.                                  Assistant General Secretary of Industrial Christian Fellowship.

1968.    The Rev'd John K. Cowell.                                  Vicar of St Peter, Prittlewell. 

1969.    The Rev'd R. R. Osborn.                                    Vicar of St Luke, Bromley Common. 

1970.    The Rev'd A. J. N. Cook, M.A.                            Rector of St Peter, Cornhill. 

1971.    The Rev'd Nicholas F. P. Brown.                         Guild Vicar of St Katharine Cree. 

1972.    Canon R. S. O. Stevens.                                   Vicar of St Paul, Birmingham & Chaplain to the Queen. 

1973.    Donald Miller.                                                   Formerly General Secretary of the Leprosy Mission. 

1974.    The Rt Rev'd J. D. McKie.                                  Assistant Bishop of Coventry.

1975.    The Rev'd Peter D. Brown.                                 Guild Vicar of St Katharine Cree. 

1976.    The Very Rev'd Eric Abbott.                                Dean of Westminster. 

1977.    Canon Sydney Evans.                                       Dean of Kings College, London. 

1978.    The Rev'd The Lord Soper.                                 Formerly of Kingsway Hall & West London Mission. 

1979.    The Very Rev'd Alan B. Webster.                        Dean of St Paul's.  

1980.    The Rev'd Stephen Hopkinson.                           Guild Vicar of St Katharine Cree, 1958 - 63. 

1981.    The Rev'd Hereward Cooke.                                P in C of St Katharine Cree & Director of Industrial Christian Fellowship. 

1982.    The Rev'd Colin Evans.                                       Moderator of the Eastern Province of the United Reform Church.

1983.    The Rev'd Gerald Hudson.                                  Rector of St Mary-le-Bow. 

1984.    The Rt Rev'd Dr.Graham Leonard.                       Bishop of London. 

1985.    Terry Waite, M.B.E.                                           Envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury. 

1986.    The Rev'd Dr Gordon Heulin.                               Lecturer in Ecclesiastical History  -  University of London. 

1987.    The Rev'd Hugh Rom.                                         Priest in Charge of St Katharine Cree. 

1988.    The Very Rev'd David Edwards.                           Provost of Southwark Cathedral. 

1989.    The Rev'd Canon Anthony Harvey.                       Sub-Dean of Westminster Abbey.

1990.    The Ven George Cassidy.                                  Archdeacon of London.

1991.    The Rev'd Robert Gould.M.B.E.                          Chaplain to the Community of St John the Baptist, Clewer.

1992.    The Rev'd John Paul.                                         Rector of St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe & St James Garlickhythe.

1993.    Unidentified.                                                     No entry in Services Register.  

1994.    The Rev'd Roger Holloway, M.A.                         Priest Vicar - Westminster Abbey & Director - Industrial Christian Fellowship.

1995.    The Rt Rev'd Richard Chartres, M.A, B.D.           Bishop of Stepney.

1996.    The Ven. Clive Young.                                       Archdeacon of Hackney.

1997.    The Very Rev'd Dr John Moses.                          Dean of St Paul's.

1998.    The Very Rev'd A Wesley Carr.                           Dean of Westminster.

1999.    The Ven. Dr Lyle Dennen.                                  Archdeacon of Hackney.

2000.    The Ven Peter Delaney.                                     Archdeacon of London & Priest in Charge of St Katharine Cree.

2001.    The Rev'd Malcolm Johnson.                              Bishop of London's Adviser on Pastoral Care and Counselling. 

2002    The Rev'd Nicholas Holtam.                                Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields.

2003.    The Rev'd Canon Jeremy Haselock.                    Precentor of Norwich Cathedral.

2004.    The Very Rev'd Alexander Wedderspoon.            Dean of Guildford.

2005.    The Very Rev'd Richard Fenwick.                        Dean of Monmouth.

2006.    The Rev'd Canon Jeremy Davies.                        Precentor of Salisbury Cathedral.

2007.    The Very Rev'd Andrew White.                           President of the Foundation for Reconciliation in the Middle East. 

2008.    Sir Ghillian Prance, FRS.                                  Formerly Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.                

2009.    Ken Costa.                                                      Chairman of Alpha International.

2010.    Brian Keenan.                                                  Teacher in Beirut, having previously been held hostage.

2001.    John Timpson, CBE.                                         Chairman & owner of Timpsons. 

2012.    The Rev'd Mark Oakley.                                     Canon Treasurer of St Paul's Cathedral.

2013.    Shami Chakrabarti.                                            Director of "Liberty". 

2014.    The Rev'd Rose Hudson-Wilkin.                          Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons.

2015.    The Rev'd Nadim Nassar.                                   Director of the Awareness Foundation.

2016.    Paul Carling.                                                    Principal of the Future Hope School, Kolkata, West Bengal.

2017.    Sir Peter Hendy, CBE.                                      Chairman of Network Rail & London Legacy Development Corporation.

2018.    Paul Sinton-Hewitt, CBE.                                  Founder of "Parkrun"

2019.    Anne Boden, MBE                                            CEO & Founder Starling Bank

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