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HMT Lancastria Annual Remembrance Service with the Lloyd's Choir and St Olave's Scholars

HMT Lancastria Annual Remembrance Service with the Lloyd's Choir and St Olave's Scholars

Every year an annual Service of Remembrance is held for those lost on the HMT Lancastria.

Here is a recording of the full Annual Remembrance Service that took place on 11 June 2020

Here are some of the comments from those who joined us

"Thank you. Wonderful service;   Thank you, a beautiful service; very moving thank you;   Thank you, a wonderful Nick and Colin and everyone else involved;   So moving to see our Ave Verum;   On behalf of all at Trinity House, thank you for finding a way to do this so beautifully;   Thank you, a lovely commemorative service;   Thank you Fr Nick and team. And congratulations to the person who synced all the voices and videos. Really well done;    Big thank you to my ministry colleague Revd Darren Street in charge of technology today, so thank you Darren;    Thank you for a wonderful service Fr Nick and team;   Thank you everyone who was involved in putting the service together today. It is very much appreciated;   Thank you so much, it was wonderful;   Thank you too for everyone who attended todays service. Thank you to all who made the service possible. God made Zoom too! Thank you Nick and also to you Colin. A lovely service"

The History

The loss of the HMT Lancastria - on the morning of the 17th June 1940,

HMT Lancastria was anchored three miles off St. Nazaire, a port on the French Atlantic Coast. She, along with a number of ships, had been ordered to repatriate British Servicemen and Civilians who had been left in France after the evacuation of Dunkirk.

By mid-afternoon almost nine thousand people were packed aboard the Lancastria when she was hit four times by enemy bombs. Within half an hour she had sank with a loss of life at least equal to the combined losses of the ‘Lusitania’ (c. 1200) and ‘Titanic’ (c.1513).

It is appropriate that the memorial service for this tragic maritime disaster is held at St. Katharine Cree Church as this Church was frequented by mariners who sailed into London Docks from Eastern lands and ports over many past years. The East India Dock Company Offices were also very near the Church.

As we look at the magnificent Lancastria memorial window we have the opportunity to remember, to pray for and to thank all who go to sea for whatever reason to keep us safe and deliver goods and services to our country.

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