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I want to recover from my addiction

I want to recover from my addiction

If you need treatment for addiction, your doctor may be the right first step to get the right help and support, so that you can get addiction free and stay that way.

Some people find support groups are helpful. Some of these groups meet at St Katharine Cree or churches close by. Please get in touch for confidential support and to find a group meeting near you. Groups include:

Narcotics Anonymous
Details available via our "Contact Us" email

Gambling Anonymous
GA helpline number 0330 0940 322

Cocaine Anonymous

London Helpline
8am - Midnight Every Day

0800 0595 130 (free from UK landlines)

020 8007 1130 (mobile friendly)

Alcoholic Anonymous
AA helpline number 0800 9177 650

In all cases, if you are struggling to get the help you need, please get in touch with us via the red "Contact Us" button and we wil do all we can to connect you to the right group.

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